Butterfly Footprints creates a special memorial keepsake for parents who have lost a baby.

The child's footprints are turned into an image of a butterfly.

Butterflies are a common symbol associated with the death of a child. Butterflies also have a religious meaning. They are a symbol for new life. This is based on its various stages of life. The caterpillar represents the mortal life of people here on Earth. The cocoon compares with death. The caterpillar breaks out of its cocoon & emerges with a new body as a beautiful butterfly, just as human beings emerge from death into new life.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


For everyone waiting on their request I do apologize. I have been having issues accessing my email & jotform (where the requests are) but have now fixed both issues. Requests will remain closed until all submitted orders are completed.

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wedding09 said...

We recently lost our son and I woudl love to get one of these. how do i go about getting this???? It seems like the request page says it will reopen on July 14th but it is not September??? Can you please contact me as I would really really like one. staceyzinner@gmail.com